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2018 Alt World Cup

BRA vs GER @ The 2018 World Cup?

Soccer fans want to see the best teams play against each other in the World Cup, and this year’s tournament augurs well for a match between perhaps the two strongest and most well-respected nations in the sport: Brazil and Germany. Given these rivals’ recent history at the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, is it possible for them to meet yet again this summer?

Brazil is the seeded team in group E, which also includes Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia. The most likely scenario would be for the Selecao to move on to the playoff round in the first place.
Germany is in group F and will vie against Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea. Although they are facing the notorious Champion’s Curse, “die Mannschaft” are still the favorite to win their group.

Next, let’s look at the 2018 World Cup bracket. In the most likely scenario, Brazil and Germany will end up in the opposite halves, meaning that they could only meet after the semifinals. While a third place game between Germany and Brazil could be quite entertaining, a rematch of the infamous 7-1 game in the final would bring the world to a standstill. Indeed, a final between these two super-powers would arguably be the greatest possible highlight of the 2018 World Cup.

If either Germany or Brazil (but not both) slip up and end up second in their group, they would play against each other in the round of 16, and one of them would be eliminated before reaching the quarterfinals. Such an early exit would be hugely disappointing for either nation’s fan base. Indeed, it would be poignant and historic as well. For Brazil, it would be the worst finish since 1990, while for Germany – the worst since 1938!

As unlikely as might be, the possibility of a round-of-16 exit should provide additional motivation for the two soccer giants to perform at their highest levels possible from day one.


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